Ms. Carmen Chan BBS, JP

Tivoli Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten was established in March 1996. Under the leadership of the Chief Principal, Ms. Carmen Chan Ka Mun, JP, the Tivoli Nursery was soon opened in 1999 and then the Tivoli Mutual Help Centre was launched in 2004.


Ms. Chan strongly believes that children are naturally active learners and she emphasizes learning based on daily life experience. If parents wish for their children to become independent, confident, respected and a successful person in the future, this must be done from a young age by providing them opportunities to learn through their experiences. She also believes that learning through a happy and stimulating environment could enhance the children’s observational skills, thinking skills as well as their ability to learn.


Ms. Chan further stresses that ‘every child is unique with their own special talent’. Each child is a distinctive individual; therefore, when designing the curriculum, Ms. Chan insists on the principle of ‘Child-Centred’ learning. This caters to the children’s ability, interests and needs and is flexible.


Furthermore, as the world is becoming more cosmopolitan along with Ms. Chan visions, Tivoli caters to both local and international children. This allows the parents to choose the section that would be more suitable for their child according to their backgrounds and needs.