Vincent's Parent

Vincent's Parent

My son, Vincent, has just finished his K2 and he has studied at Tivoli international playschool ever since he was in nursery class.

I still remember vividly how it was like on Vincent's first day of school. We did finger painting together and Vincent loved it. Time flies and I can't believe that it has already been three years. There is one thing I am sure of, though, is that he loves his school and his teachers and friends. Every day, he wears a great big smile on his face when he walks to school.

Why does Vincent love school? I am sure that all the teachers and staff have made this happen. The teachers here are all creative, helpful and most important of all, they have a caring heart. I can tell that they love children and they know them well. I am amazed at the good observation of Vincent's class teacher, Miss Mandy. When we were having Parent’s meeting, she could pinpoint Vincent’s strengths and weaknesses and she could even tell me specific incidents to illustrate them. Vincent loves to talk about his buddies as well. It is very impressive how he has become a more caring brother and I believe that he learns it from school, where he has to take care of the younger ones. Vincent even likes to talk about his aunties. Once, he told me about how the aunties taught him to wash his hands properly in the bathroom.

I am deeply impressed by all the creative activities and ideas that the teachers have. On top of the regular daily teaching, they organized birthday and thanksgiving parties, field trips and visits. They also introduced different cultures and festive celebrations. Vincent loves them all, especially when he has the chance to eat all sorts of cakes! He also looks forward to having the different coloured days, when he gets to wear a specific colour to school! The teachers have also spent a lot of effort in making the student portfolios memorable treasures. My finger painting memory is also kept there. Despite all these hard work, the teachers still constantly update us what and how the kids are learning through regular e-mails. Last but not least, I was very surprised to see how well the kids performed on stage during the Christmas dance. The teachers have done a marvelous job on teaching the kids! Shall we give these loving and caring teachers a big hand?

It is truly a sad moment to say goodbye to everyone at Tivoli but we should be proud of our kids who are going to start a new chapter of their lives! Once again, let me say a big ‘thank you’ to all the teachers for your love and support throughout these years. You have made the kids' learning experiences very enjoyable and unforgettable! I am sure we will miss you and may God bless all the teachers and graduates at Tivoli! Thank you.