School Privacy

(Applicable to all school stakeholders, including students, parents, staff and visitors)

1. No photograph/video recording is permitted at school without the school approval.

2. Do not share, publish or distribute any photos / videos / texts of the images of children / school environment / school activities without permission from the school. If you fail to do so, you may have violated the Privacy Policy at your own risk.

3. Please respect all children, and do not disclose any information about or comment on the ability or behaviour of any child that you work with to any other person for any subjective purposes under any non-teaching circumstances.

4. Do not read any documents without permission from the school.

5. When viewing the materials of children's learning (e.g. Classroom, email, etc.), the child's learning process should be appreciated with a positive attitude, and the uniqueness of each child's development should be respected. Any unprofessional comments are not permitted.