Ms. Mandy

Ms. Mandy (Head Teacher of Tivoli International Playschool )

Hi! My name is Mandy Kaur, the head teacher of Tivoli International Playschool and also the class teacher of Playgroup Angelfish. I have a degree in early childhood studies awarded by the Middlesex University (United Kingdom) and a diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language. I am a qualified kindergarten teacher with more than ten years of experience teaching different levels. I have been a member of Tivoli for more than eight years and have taught in all of the Tivoli branches. Hence I am very familiar with the school culture and curriculum. I enjoy teaching at Tivoli due to its environment and curriculum, which incorporates play, hands-on experiences and new ideas every theme! Tivoli also gives children the opportunity to have choices, and to grow and learn at their own pace according to their abilities, needs and interest. And that is why I spent all these years teaching at Tivoli! If you stop by the international section, don't forget to say hello to me!