Language Policy

At Tivoli, we place a strong emphasis on language development. Multilingual proficiency provides children with a gateway to numerous cultures and opportunities, broadening both their horizon and social network. We employ qualified native English speakers to teach English at both our Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (local curriculum) and International Playschool (non-local curriculum). Similarly, all our Putonghua teachers are native speakers who have passed the National Putonghua Proficiency Test. By immersing children in a language-rich environment, we hope that they can learn to communicate effectively and naturally both in English and Putonghua.


Our Anglo-Chinese branch (local curriculum) uses Chinese (Cantonese) as the medium of instruction. Throughout the school day , our Cantonese, Putonghua and English language teachers conduct various activities in the classroom to provide a trilingual environment for children to interact in different languages. Our school notices are available in Chinese and English. For events or activities organized by other bodies, English translation services may be available depending on the organizer.


At our International section (non-local curriculum), the medium of instruction is English, with Putonghua activities conducted daily in a musical activity or Group Time setting. School notices are available in English with Cantonese translation services available upon request.