Home-School Cooperation

Children are like seeds, and in order to cultivate high-quality seedlings, home-school cooperation is of paramount importance, as we believe that teaching by example is one of the most effective ways to model appropriate behaviour. In recent years, parents in Hong Kong have experienced a lot of pressure to equip their child with the ability to succeed from the beginning. Children develop at different paces with different needs; they go through the same stages of development but each in their own time. Authoritarian, neglectful and single-minded parenting is harmful to children’s development; instead, parents should focus on the holistic development of their children.  To strengthen our home-school communication, our website is regularly updated to display notifications and reminders. Furthermore, we regularly organize Parental Education seminars, sharing sessions and invite parent volunteers to help with our school events in order to provide more opportunities for parents to learn about the developmental needs of their child.