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Terms of use of Google for Education

Terms of use of Google for Education


1. To promote better home-school cooperation and more frequent communication with parents in building a stronger and closer partnership

2. To help parents develop a better understanding of our school philosophy and gain a better understanding of their child’s learning process

3. Promote environmental protection and reduce the use of paper


Terms of Use

1. You are responsible for your account. Please do not disclose your login details to any third parties.

2. All data passing through Google is secured through encryption (Certificate ISO 27001).

3. Google’s email platform, Gmail, is a great tool for communication. It will gradually become our chosen mode of contact, as we move to phase out our communication books, reducing our use of paper and promoting environmental protection. However, as teachers are generally unable to access and respond to emails in class, we parents should contact the main office for emergencies, i.e. early leave, school bus service etc.

4. The purpose of Google Classroom is for the sharing of class related information such as school announcements, class messages and documentation of our learning process. For questions and issues regarding individuals, please feel free to contact the school or class teacher in person, through email and/or phone

5. Parents are welcome to post on Google Classroom, however, please be aware that all comments will be made public to the entire class. Should any inappropriate or harmful comments be found, the school reserves the right to remove the posts without prior warning or notification

6. All content uploaded to the Classroom will be automatically shared with other members of the class, including photos, videos and Healthy Homework

7. When sharing and commenting on individual work in the Classroom, please try to appreciate each child’s learning progress and maintain a positive attitude towards individual developmental differences

8. Without prior approval from the school, please do not share or upload content, including but not limited to videos, photos, teaching resources etc. from the drive to other platforms or individuals. Please also do not move, delete or modify content on the drive, or upload irrelevant content. Offenders may be held responsible for the abuse/misuse of the platform or its contents

9. Google for Education provides mobile apps for some of their services like Gmail, Drive and Classroom. Parents are encouraged to download the mobile version to get prompts and notifications more readily. To download, please click the links below;

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-classroom/id924620788?mt=8/